Couples Match Play Starts

About this event:

Created by SpringValley

Couples’ Match Play

¨ Play starts the week of July 2nd; the field is full when 16 couples are signed up

¨ This year’s format will be a modified chapman

¨ This is a net competition, and teams will receive 85% of their average 18-hole handicap

¨ Players must have an active GHIN handicap to participate  

¨ Women will play from the red tees; Men will play from the blue or white tees

¨ Once the field is determined, first round matches will be drawn  

¨ This is a double elimination competition; losers of the first round will be moved into a consolation bracket.  The winner of the             consolation bracket will play the winner of the original bracket.  (In order to be the champion, the consolation winner would have to defeat the original winner twice)

¨ Matches must be played in the determined deadline; teams will have 2 weeks in which to complete a match

¨ The cost to sign-up is $50/team; this must be paid when signing up

¨ All players will receive $10 off their green fees during match play  matches; there will be no charge for the championship match